Monthly Archives: October 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of cultural probe brainstorming. A problem that I sometimes have is that I think too much and don’t make it. First, an image of a small portion of my thought process.

Second, my cultural probe draft, in progress.

The goal is to ask people to do the two areas that I’m interested in: chose colors and arrange colors. I think I would like to see a lot more in terms of arrangement, but I’m not sure how else to approach this sort of probe because I want to keep it understandable and simple. The probe tells people to choose and glue down colors in response to the prompt.

The prompts are:
Pick 5 colors and glue them in the boxes.
Choose an emotion you have felt recently, and select up to 5 colors that reflect your experience of that emotion.
Think of home (or a place that feels like home) and describe it in up to 5 colors.
Select up to 5 colors that reflect your personal style.
Think of a close relationship, and chose up to 5 colors that you think of to describe the relationship.

I would also like to ask people to reflect on / explain their choices. I’m not sure about the extra things that I made in the top left corner of the picture, but just playing with them for now.



I started mapping out & trying to organize my thoughts on the aspects of color blocking, how it’s done, and the questions I’m starting to have. I made these cards, inspired by IDEO’s method cards:

Purple: Questions that I have, ie. How do we select color? How do we arrange color? with some possible answers or topics that could answer the question

Yellow: Stakeholders. The only thing I think I know about my stakeholders so far is that they can see color. I broke down the process (from my perspective) of perceiving color into 3 (with a card for each): SENSE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPONSE, with notes on each.

Blue- Keywords. So far, I defined color and color blocking in my own terms with apsects that go into each.
Here’s an image of the work I did in my sketchbook that lead up to these cards. It is my first attempt at mapping and organizing what I think about color blocking:

I thought about the whole design process and what I need to do in the way of research this semester so I can go right into designing next semester. Some research methods I want to do:

CREATE (test stuff out)

I briefly mindmapped possibilities for each of these:

I first learned about colorblocking when I worked on this “Dots” display at Anthropologie a couple years ago.


Then I really fell in love with the idea of colorblocking, not just in fashion, but in using it as a way to designate sections. I took pictures of colorblocking when I studied abroad in London. I loved how I could flatten a 3d space into an image of colorblocks.