Deliverable 3: Cultural Probe

I’ve been doing a lot of cultural probe brainstorming. A problem that I sometimes have is that I think too much and don’t make it. First, an image of a small portion of my thought process.

Second, my cultural probe draft, in progress.

The goal is to ask people to do the two areas that I’m interested in: chose colors and arrange colors. I think I would like to see a lot more in terms of arrangement, but I’m not sure how else to approach this sort of probe because I want to keep it understandable and simple. The probe tells people to choose and glue down colors in response to the prompt.

The prompts are:
Pick 5 colors and glue them in the boxes.
Choose an emotion you have felt recently, and select up to 5 colors that reflect your experience of that emotion.
Think of home (or a place that feels like home) and describe it in up to 5 colors.
Select up to 5 colors that reflect your personal style.
Think of a close relationship, and chose up to 5 colors that you think of to describe the relationship.

I would also like to ask people to reflect on / explain their choices. I’m not sure about the extra things that I made in the top left corner of the picture, but just playing with them for now.



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