Deliverable: Community Probe

To use a playful approach to find people’s reactions to color. To see how the color blocks inspire any creations.
Document changes every day by taking pictures.
Gain insight into the color as a medium or tool for creating.

People made shapes, patterns, palettes, groupings.
Blocks moved around (in elevator, cabinets, etc.).
Blocks landed on the floor.
People changed blocks around quickly.
People really liked it (playing with the colors, having bright colors around).

How does color inspire people to create?
Can color be a material?
What colors go together?
How does one color affect another?

PROCESS: The probe draft was trying to accomplish too much so it split into trying to understand people’s associations with colors (the survey) and this probe. Right before the sticky tack blocks, I tried smaller velcro blocks and adjusted to bigger, more versatlie blocks for people to interact with.


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