Deliverable: Surveys

Gain insight into people’s perceptions of color: what colors come to mind for different prompts and why.
Find out what these colors represented for each person, whether it’s an emotion, personality, object, environment, etc.

People’s understanding of color is pretty individual and layered, based on their associations with that color (however there were some patterns in the survey). Reasons for thinking of/choosing a color:
Personal preference
Symbols (money, love, birthstone)
Color theory
Environments & objects seen
Actions & behavior
Emotions, mood, & feelings

Do colors have a personality? If so, what are the personalities of certain colors and why? (Make color personas?)
What are the colors of a person (or object)? How does an individual perceive themselves through color, and how others close to them perceive them through color? Do people have “colors”? (Individual studies of people)

PROCESS: Also stemming from the original probe draft, the survey uses a more open-ended approach to find out about people’s views on color through the prompts that called for written responses. The draft of the survey was:

The feedback I got on the survey draft was that it was too long, looked like homework, overwhelming lines, too difficult, and would like colors included as reference. Also, the answers I got weren’t always what I was looking for- I wanted people to choose a color and explain why for each prompt (which mostly didn’t happen). I incorporated the feedback into the final survey by breaking up the questions into three different smaller surveys, adding a gradient at the bottom for reference (or for choosing a color), and breaking up each answer so that people could see that they should choose a color and explain why. The final survey answers were very influential to my direction!

Some of the responses that stuck out to me (because they described colors as people/ personified colors):

“Bold, experimental, happy, open to new things.” (RED)

“It’s quiet, calm, and reserved.” (BLUE)

“Caring, loving, kind, also super bubbly.” (PINK)

I was very inspired by these responses and plan to continue to look into the personalities of colors.


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