Brief brief

In class assignment 11/5: Write a brief brief of what you intend to do at this point.

My brief brief:

My deliverables to present for today’s due date:

Here is the feedback I got in small group meetings:

Group 1 on 11/5
Continue with color personas
What are you going to do with the color characters when you find out?
Look into color blindness
How much is cultural / individual / biological responses to color? Or related to our past experiences?
What will I do? What’s my goal? ie. change way people feel about colors, question it, etc.

Group 2 on 11/7
Why do you like certain colors when you are younger vs. now?
Colors change on form (shadows, etc.) Color v. form
Reversing expectations through changing the colors of objects (to change their personalities?)
2 colors vs. mixing colors; How do colors interact with each other
“Spirit” of colors, “life” of colors
Interview people at Home Depot


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