Day 1: White

Today I was white:

This was very difficult! Being completely white seemed so excessive and I craved other colors around me to balance this, like my headphones or coat. I also realized I have never worn white head to toe before (at least that I can remember). I feel very bright and fresh by myself but also delicate in that I need to be careful about what I touch that might rub off on me. I became aware of almost everything my body touched like my coat, chair, car seat, backpack, desks, etc. Around other people, I felt like I really stood out and I think I did. I think three or four people made comments to me, but some people said they just noticed it and wondered about it but accepted it. I think this tested the bounderies of what is socially acceptable to wear in terms of colors that balance, call attention, or make us pop out of our environment. I felt a little sensitive and unbalanced in that I stood out from my surroundings instead of blending in (except at my white desk / cubicle).


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