Day 3: Pink


So there were a couple things going on with this outfit. First, I started to think more about the relationship between form and color. Maybe I felt extra girly in this outfit due to the form of the skirt as well as the soft pink color. Also, trying to think about myself as “pink” was difficult when I was mostly two completely different shades of pink- hot, super bright pink and light, soft, peachy pink. The colors almost seemed like they opposed each other, had very different energy, and represented different personalities. So for my future outfits, I learned that I should try to stick to one hue to gain the most insight that I am looking for (which is the effect of that color on my day). I did, however, learn about pink. I learned that it is a loaded color and that I looked like I was making a statement about gender and feminity. People definitely noticed this one. Like white, pink “popped” out of the environments I was in and definitely appeared to be there for a reason. I think that pink can be a bold and fearless color, which is how I felt at points, almost proud of what I chose to wear that day. Pink can also be warm, soft, and happy.


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