Color + Time, Color + Individual Perception

Just watched this: The Effect of Color | Off Book | PBS

Then I had to look this up, colors by decade according to Pantone:






I’ve been thinking about color’s relationship with time. The instantaneous experience of color cannot exist without time. Also, in the longterm, people’s physical perception of color changes of the course of their lives (colors appear more yellow). Psychologically, people’s associations with color change as they have new experiences. People’s “favorite” colors change over time.
When I did my surveys, many women said that their childhoods were “pink” and their favorite color used to be pink. I also thought about my sister- her room was peach when we were very little, then purple, and now bright pink. I asked her what color she imagined when she heard the word “pink”. Her answer, what I’ll call her  “stereotypical pink” is a very peachy pink, and in my opinion, it’s almost orange. When we discussed this, we thought it might be because her room was that color as a kid. My stereotypical pink (the color that I imagine when I hear “pink”) is a cool, lighter pink. I think that also may be because I was exposed to that color so much as a kid (my room walls, dresser, teddy bear, some clothes, and barbies). I also asked my dad.

“My sister’s pink” vs. “my pink” vs. “my dad’s pink”:



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