Monthly Archives: December 2012

These are personas I created from the many perspectives on color personality that I found out through my surveys, wearing colors, interviewing people, reading Color Hunting, and looking online. I selected the personalities that many people seemed to associate with a color, and formed it based on the details of why they perceive this personality.

The attention seeker is flashy, bright, and loud, demanding to be noticed. He goes to extremes to cause a reaction, whether positive or negative. This red always let’s you know he’s there, and he is an extrovert. He is open to making new friends and meeting new people, but always wants to be the leader in a group.

This red is happy and fun, full of life, and spunky. It is always up for being active and ready for an adventure.

This red is sexy, passionate, in love, and longing.

This red is ambitious and driven but often turns people off when it becomes intense and aggressive. It can become angry at times becasue it wants to be dominant and powerful, often imposing on others and even becoming dangerous.

Orange is always there with a boost of energy and motivation on a bad day. It is positive and has a playful sense of humor. This friend shows up when you may not expect it or haven’t seen it in a while, and will be sure to brighten your day.

This yellow is youthful, inquisitive, and playful. It might cause mischief but always has good intentions. It sees the best in others, and is very forgiving. Often times, it invites others to start over and reminds them to enjoy life.

Green is calm, collected, and grounded. It remembers what is important in life: relationships, health, and wellbeing. It is practical and makes well thought out decisions. Green doesn’t over do it. It is comfortable on it’s own or with friends; it likes to nurture its friends and help whenever it can, but it will never pry or become demanding.

Although quiet and reserved, many would consider this blue their close confidant. It is calm, and others find being with blue is soothing and refreshing because it has a quiet yet powerful energy. This blue likes to be in harmony with others, and may adjust and adapt to do so.

This blue has so many deep and hidden qualities, that others may never fully know it. It is thoughtful, mature, and takes its time. Others may perceive it as cold because it does not readily contribute, but when you spend a lot of time with it, you begin to know its questions, unease, and depths.

This purple is confident, mature, and feminine. She is beautiful and knows it. She sometimes comes off as prentious or sassy, and others may envy her elegance. She doesn’t necessarily get along with others because she knows exactly who she is and is rarely willinging to change.

Pink is caring, loving, and bubbly. It is young and playful, but can sometimes become annoying. Her narrow perspective may get old after a while, so others only hang out with pink occassionally.

This week I completed my color experiences of being a color for a day. 

Monday: Olive Green


This outfit was very comfortable for me- I felt easygoing and approachable. My friends told me that I looked nice, and appeared laid back and friendly. I think this green is a friendly color- it wants to make friends without imposing. I also the olive green shade that I chose must have affected my day (by making it so comfortable), which may not have beent the same for a brighter green, like lime green.

Tuesday: Red
I got a lot of questions and comments when I wore red, probably like 10 people came up to me to talk about it. One girl said I looked really happy, another said I looked bloody. I got both positive and negative comments, but almost all of them said it was shocking/bright/wanted attention. I thought about how loud the color red is, and how this related back to my surveys and the responses comparing colors to people. Red is sort of an extrovert, and blue is an introvert in many people’s perception. I definitely felt like this was true for my experience. Since I am not an extrovert, I was very uncomfortable in this outfit for most of the day, and I felt like I wanted to be quiet in other ways to make up for how loud my outfit was.
Wednesday: Gray

This color fit into the color palette that most people wear, but since there was so much gray, people noticed. The color was easy for me in that it didn’t distract me, but it also bothered me that there was so much neutrality and no extremes to break it up. I felt a little bit mucky and dreary, almost indecisive. So much of this color of gray was unsatisfying because I wanted some variation. Some people liked the outfit and told me that it seemed like a nice color for me.

Thursday: Brown 

Brown felt a lot like gray in that it was a lot of neutrality that I wanted to add some color/juxtaposition to. I don’t think a lot of people noticed this one, and one girl who did notice said she liked it because it was subtle. Someone else told me I looked good in it, and it matched my hair. Overall the outfit seemed pretty normal, felt pretty comfortable, and had a sense being natural and human to me. It seemed to fit well well with other colors around me and socially fit in.