Monthly Archives: January 2013

So I feel like I have come very far conceptually! I’ll try to sum up what I’ve been doing.

The idea I had at the end of last semeter was to create an interactive garment that utilizes color & scale, form, and texture for a woman (or man?) to express herself by manipulating and changing it as their mood changed. I loved this idea because I could sew and utlize many colors and textures, but conceptually it was lacking- I had no clear goal of how it communicated mood or who exactly it was for or what environments it would be used in.

I wanted to identify stakeholders, so I began with Americans, maybe women young adults… and then I latched on to introverts & extroverts. I liked this because colors can be “introverted” (quiet, subtle, thoughtful, etc.) or “extroverted” (loud, bright, attention-getting, exciting). I thought I could utilize colors to express introversion or extroversion through clothes. I took pictures of people wanting privacy vs. wanting to interact:


I then began to sketch any ideas that came to mind. I found that my sketches were very gestural forms that fit onto the body. Biomimicry informed a lot of my sketching, so I looked up ways that animals hide or open up to their environment for inspiration.

I talked to Carr about my sketches and he mentioned going “nano” with my ideas. This really stuck with me. He showed me the work of Ned Kahn for form inspiration. I loved his work! I could imagine apply bright colors to shifting forms to create movement.

I began making sketch models to show more than one color on a form, and somehow I would move this form so that people could experience both colors. As I made the forms, I realized that I wanted to “go nano” and put them on the body like I had been thinking before.

When I thought about why I would put these forms on clothing, I realized the potential in the idea. The different facets of the forms could send different messages from different perspectives. They could show emotion, power, introversion/extroversion, blend in/stand out, or just send different messages to different people around you.

This is where I am at now. I want to put the faceted nano scale forms on clothing with the goal of showing different colors from different perspectives. I am really excited about the potential with 3D printing these precise forms and applying them to fabric. Now I want to look into optical illusions, body language, and possiblities with materials to further this idea.